Briciola Robot Vacum Cleaner

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  • a delayed start of the cleaning cycle at an exact time of day (repeated every day)
  • direct the robot during its operation in different directions (up-down-right-left)
  • activate the TURBO function to clean the most dirty areas: focus on an area of 1.0 m in diameter with concentric movements in higher speed and power
  • return to the charging BASE
  • AUTO

Crumb is the robot vacuum cleaner able to clean floors and carpets independently and to return to the base for charging. Equipped with the most advanced anti-collision and anti-obstacle sensors, it guarantees an accurate daily cleaning by covering the surface of the room without bumping into furniture, overcoming obstacles and, thanks to the anti-fall sensors, avoiding falling into gradients. By remote control with LCD display it is possible: 

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Modelo 2711
Marca Ariete