Brand: LG
Model: 65UH950T.AWP
SKU: ITEM0009759

Key Features

  • IPS 4K Quantum Display
  • HDR Super
  • webOS 3.0
  • Sound Desiged by harman/kardon

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Make your viewing experience super. All it takes is the LG SUPER UHD TV. Even before you turn it on, the ultra-slim LG SUPER UHD TV looks captivating. Bringing every color to life, the extended color range of the LG SUPER UHD portrays your favorite scenes in billions of rich colors. And, the LG SUPER UHD TV is the best TV by far for displaying HDR contents mastered in Dolby Vision. See how entertainment comes alive with lifelike color, dramatic contrast and exceptional resolution.

HDR SUPER with Dolby Vision
The LG SUPER UHD TV’s High Dynamic Range technology (HDR Super) fully supports Dolby Vision. The brighter, sharper images expressed with accurate color and detail draw viewers in. When you look at the screen, you will feel as if you are actually in the scene.

DolbyVision, Why Does It Matter?
HDR SUPER supports Dolby Vision, which ensures brighter, sharper images delivered with better contrast and strikingly improved color. With a wave of new video titles available in Dolby Vision, you can be sure you’re viewing entertainment the way it was meant to be seen.

IPS 4K Quantum Display
LG's specially designed IPS 4K Quantum Display* can reproduce more shades of colors with finer gradation : over a billion rich colors in all. The IPS 4K Quantum Display yields a more accurate and lifelike picture from a wider viewing angle.

Billion Rich colors
The Billion Rich colors feature divides and subdivides colors into a broader spectrum. This allows for more precise color adjustment across the color spectrum. The end result is 64 times richer color compared to conventional LCD TVs, treating viewers to unprecedented levels of color and detail.

Wide Viewing Angle
Due to the nature of the display, the image on the screen maintains its integrity from any viewing angle. This allows you to enjoy dynamic, vibrant color from every seat in the room.

ULTRA Luminance
ULTRA Luminance sends excess current from dark areas to brighter areas to enhance contrast. Combine the LG SUPER UHD TV’s excellent ability to express darkness with its distinct contrast between dark and light, and you have an image that is as sharp and clear as real life.

With its display panel integrated into an ultra-slim metal frame, the LG SUPER UHD TV’s screen floats on a beautiful stand that resembles a crescent moon. Turn it on and the LG SUPER UHD TV inspires with life-like color. And even when it’s off, its beautiful design makes a statement – the LG SUPER UHD TV is a fine piece of art.

Top-notch sound quality is the other half of a truly luxurious TV experience. On the same note, the lifelike images of the LG SUPER UHD TV are narrated in the premium sound designed by harman/kardon®.

webOS 3.0
The LG SUPER UHD TVs take the simplicity and fun of webOS to an even greater level of entertainment with webOS 3.0. For one reason, and one reason only – so you can easily stay on top of your prime time viewing.

Magic Zoom
Magic Zoom can enlarge live screens while viewers watch. By pressing the Zoom key on the remote control, the scene can be enlarged to catch the details.

Magic Mobile Connection
Magic Mobile Connection allows viewers to enjoy smartphone content on their TV with ease. Additionally, using just a Wi-Fi connection, they can enjoy their music and video apps on the big screen.

Magic Remote
Magic Remote can operat everything on th TV and set-top box at the same time using motion and voice controls. Take control of your entertainment experience with a new level of remote control convenience. Spend less time for searching and more time for enjoying.


Tech Specs

Display Module
Display Device (OLED / LED): LED
Screen Size (Inch): 65
Resolution: 3840x2160
BLU Type (only for LED series): Edge
Hz: T200Hz
3D: Yes
Dimming: Local Dimming

Broadcasting System
Analog TV Reception: Yes
Digital TV Reception(Terrestrial,Cable,Satellite): DVB-T2/C/S2
Data Broadcasting (Country Spec): -

Picture Engine: Super Mastering Engine
ULTRA Luminance: Yes
ColorPrime: ColorPrime Plus
3D Color Mapping: Yes
Illuminace sensor: White Sensor
Billion Rich Colors: Yes
4K Upscaler: Yes
Smart Content Optimizer: Yes
Contrast Maximizer: TBD
Smart Picture Mode: -
HDR Effect: Yes
Dynamic Color: Yes

Audio Output / Speaker System: 2.2ch 40W (WF 20W)
Dolby Digital Decoder: Yes
DTS Decoder: Yes
Mono/Stereo/Dual (MTS/SAP): Yes
Surround Mode: ULTRA Surround
harman/kardon Sound: Yes
Magic Sound Tuning: Yes
Smart Sound Mode: Yes
Clear Voice: Clear Voice III
Hi-Fi Audio: Yes Hi-Fi Audio
TV Installation Type: Yes(Included in Magic Sound Tuning)
Wireless Sound Sync - Private Sound Sync: Yes
Audio Codec: AC3(Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS Express, RA, WMA

SoC: M16+F16
CPU: Quad
HEVC Decoder: 4K@60fps, 10bit
VP9 Decoder: 4K@60fps,8bit
Wifi: 802.11.ac
Bluetooth: Yes
Magic Zoom: Yes
Magic Mobile Connection: Yes
STB Control: Yes(Differs by countries)
My Content: -
My Channels: Yes(RF Only)
My Starter: Yes
Channel Advisor: Yes
Multi-view: Yes
LG Content Store: Yes(Differs by countries)
IoTV: -
Web Browser: Yes
Recording (External HDD / Memory Needed): Yes
Time Shift (External HDD Needed): Yes (RF/Composite)
Watch & Record: -
Mobile App(LG TV Plus): Yes
Mobile TV On: Yes
WiDi: Yes
Miracast: Yes
DLNA(Network File Broswer): Yes
Speech To Text: Yes
Simplink (HDMI CEC): Yes
External Device App Download for USB: Yes
OSD Language: 14ea English, Spanish(español), French(français), Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Malayan, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Kurdish, Afrikaans, Amharic, Hausa 10ea (YK) English, Spanish(español) French(français), Portuguese Russian, Indonesian Malayan, Vietnamese(Tiếng Việt) Thai, Hebrew
Built-in Game: -

Jack Packs (Input & Output)
CI Slot (TV - Side(Jack Type)): 1
HDMI 6G : 422 / HDR Support 3G : 420 (TV - Side(Jack Type)): 1 (6G)
USB(TV - Side(Jack Type)): 2 (3.0 : 1 / 2.0 : 1)
RS-232C (Control / SVC)(TV - Side(Jack Type)): -
Headphone out / Line out(TV - Side(Jack Type)): -
LAN(TV - Side(Jack Type)): -
RF In (TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 2
Composite in (CVBS+ Audio)(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 1 (Gender)
Component In (Y,Pb,Pr + Audio)(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 1 (Gender)
Scart (Full)(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): -
Digital Audio Out (Optical)(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 1
HDMI (TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 2 (6G)
RGB In (D-sub 15pin) - PC(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): -
LAN (TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 1
RS-232C (Control / SVC)(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): -
CI Slot(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): -
USB (TV - Rear(Jack Type)): 1
Headphone out / Line out(TV - Rear(Jack Type)): Yes

# of 3D Glasses (Model Number): 2
Remote Controller: MR15R
AV / Component Gender: Yes
Power Cable: Yes
Owner's Manual: Yes

Power Supply (Voltage, Hz): Different by Region (100~240Vac 50-60Hz)
Standby Power Consumption: 0.5W↓