Frontal Load Washer 20 kg

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Great Washing For Your Gifts
New Washer Front loading with optimum quality of washing, optimization of consumption, optimum design

  • Adaptive Wash
  • Tina Smooth Wave
  • Steam Clena
  • Pressure Dispenser
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Adaptive Wash System
Sensors that detect the amount of charge to program the speed and force of the movements in the tub.

Tina Smooth Wave
Tub design that prevents friction between tub walls and garments avoiding mistreatment or lint generation.

Steam Clean
It allows better washing and removal of stains thanks to the steam that is generated in the tub, generating freshness and clothes without odors or wrinkles.

Precision Dispenser
Dispenser that allows to add the load of detergent perfect for your clothes, avoiding waste.

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Modelo 7MWFW90HEFC
Marca Whirlpool