Top Load Washing Machine with Impeller - 21 kg

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New High Capacity Whirlpool Washer

  • 11 Washing Programs
  • Xpert System
  • Soft Lid
  • Auto Level

11 washing programs
Delicate, Jeans, Towels, Quilts, Color Clothes Xpert Cycle, White Clothes Xpert Cycle, Soak, Just wash, Drain, Rinse and squeeze, Squeeze

Xpert System
Better Stain Removal without prewash by hand

Soft Lid
Cover with soft closing system

Auto Level
The Auto Level function ensures more efficient performance by detecting the load size and automatically determining the exact level of water needed.

Más Información
Modelo 8MWTW2114FN
Marca Whirlpool
Tipo de Lavadora Carga Superior
Tamaño de Lavadora 21 kilos
Tipo de Control de Lavadora Impeller
Características de Lavadora Ciclos de Lavado