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The Dji Dji Mavic Pro In Combo CP.PT.000940 has flight time: 27 minutes, control range: 7 KM, speed: 65 KM / H 3-axis Gimbal, Video resolution: 4K Ultra HD, resolution of the Camera: 12 MP and much more.

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The Mavic PRO of DJI is a small but powerful drone that turns the sky into your canvas in a simple and carefree way, helping you to make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high level of complexity that makes it one of the most sophisticated DJI aerial cameras. 24 high-performance cores, with a completely new transmission system with a range of 7Km, 5 visual sensors and a 4K camera supported by a 3-axis stabilizer are at your disposal with just the press of your thumb or tap on the screen.

Fly during Kilometers
Inside the remote control pocket of the Mavic is the new transmission technology OcuSync, with a range of 7Km and retransmission of video to FULL HD 1080p / 720p, All this in accordance with the rules of the FCC, without obstacles without interference.

No dents or scratches
An unprotected drone could hit an obstacle on long-haul flights or when landing from an incorrect height during the Return to start point mode. The Mavic uses FlightAutonomy technology to detect obstacles up to 15 meters away. This way you can avoid them or decelerate until you stand in the air, avoiding accidents even when flying out of sight.

Precise static flight
Satellite positioning can help a drone to remain static outdoors free of obstacles and interference. Without satellites, the drone would not be able to position itself and could end up drifting. However, with the front and lower visual sensors, the Mavic can stay static accurately in indoor and non-GPS locations.

Fly for more time
The Mavic occupies only the sixth part that the Phantom 4, but this reduction in size does not imply a reduction in flight time. In fact the Mavic can fly for longer than you expect thanks to its compact shape. It is capable of achieving an absolute maximum flight time of 27 minutes and a maximum distance of 13 km thanks to powerful and efficient engines. The duration of the battery has been compiled in the ideal flight situation and is subject to the conditions in which the flight takes place.

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Modelo CP.PT.000940
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