Split Deluxe Inverter

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Panasonic is a global leader in air conditioner solutions with more than 5 decades of experience in the industry. Our products are sold more and more in more than 120 countries around the world. We believe that the true value of extensive testing in reliability and uninterrupted operation


  • AEROWING that provides twin blades that concentrate the air flow to narrow areas or move the air upwards to better distribute cold air.
  • Deactivation of viruses and bacteria in the filter.
  • Odor elimination function.
  • iAuto that provides 15% * cooler and faster cooling.
  • Light - ECONAVI sensor (detects activity or absence).
  • Energy savings of up to 63% * (in combination with Inverter & Econavi).
  • Removable and washable panel


  • Self Comfort
  • Silent mode
  • Creation of personalized air flow
  • Dehumidifier mode
  • 24-hour on and off timer
  • Remote control with cable (optional)
  • Random automatic restart
  • Access for maintenance by upper panel
  • Self diagnosis function

AEROWINGS are flexible double flaps that can direct and concentrate the air flow to effectively cool an area. These are able to channel and concentrate the cold air upward, deploying downward a smooth and uniform feeling of cold air in the room once the desired temperature is reached.

Based on curved lines, it achieves a slimmer contour, accompanied by an elegant finish with the use of chrome lines and a soft pearly sheen.


Shower Cooling
The AEROWINGS are tilted upwards to spread the fresh air over a wider area. Then it will fall smoothly and evenly through the room once the desired temperature is reached.

Fast Cooling
The AEROWINGS with the downward angle help deliver the concentrated air flow to cool quickly when starting up thanks to the power of the iAuto X system.

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Modelo CS/CU-PS12TKV
Marca Panasonic