Bus Ethernet Gateway

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Bus Ethernet Gateway
Brand: Control4
Model: DIN-BEG
SKU: ITEM0006115

The Bus Ethernet Gateway is the connection point for all wired keypads and other devices on the Control4 Panelized Lighting RS-485 bus. Designed to convert RS-485 communication to Ethernet for usage with panelized lighting modules and a Control4 controller.

Estimated Delivery Date: Feb 9, 2019




  • Connection point for wired keypads and other devices on the RS-485 bus
  • Converts RS-485 communication to Ethernet
  • Installs in either the Control4 5 or 2-slot panel or a third-party DIN rail panel
  • Powered by the 48V Bus Power Supply
  • See “Keypad Bus Wiring Recommendations” document for details on maximum number of devices per gateway