Frigidaire Gallery 2.2 Cu. Ft. Built-In Microwave

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  • Fits-More™ Microwave
  • Sensor Cooking Options
  • Over 30 Setting Options
  • One-Touch Options
  • Effortless™ Reheat
  • One-Touch Keep Warm Setting
  • Built-in Trim Kit
  • Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel
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  1. Frigidaire Call Center

Fits-More™ Microwave
Extra-large microwave provides 2.2 cu. ft. of cooking space.

Sensor Cooking Options
Microwave automatically adjusts power levels and cooking times to cook a variety of items, effortlessly.

Over 30 Setting Options
Offers multiple settings to meet your cooking needs, including chicken nuggets and snacks.

One-Touch Options
Our microwaves feature easy-to-use one-touch buttons so you can cook baked potatoes, popcorn or even add 30 seconds with the touch of a button.

Effortless™ Reheat
Reheat almost anything at the touch of a button.

One-Touch Keep Warm Setting
Just one touch of a button keeps food warm until everything - and everyone - is ready.

Built-in Trim Kit
Optional trim kit available in stainless and black stainless steel trim in 27" or 30" diameter.

Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel
Resists fingerprints and cleans easily.

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Modelo FGMO226NUF
Marca Frigidaire