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KD-49X727F  CO1
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Everything you like to see is shown with crystal clear clarity on this 4K HDR TV with 4K X-Reality PRO signal conversion. Even full HD entertainment looks almost as good as in 4K.

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Why decide on an X72F TV?
Discover the technologies that come together to give you more entertainment

See the difference between an image without HDR (High Dynamic range) and another with 4K HDR and 4K X-Reality ™ PRO, as well as seeing how easy it is to access your favorite YouTube ™ content from the control

Rediscover every detail with 4K X-Reality ™ PRO
With 4K X-Reality Pro, each image is converted to a quality closer to real 4K, for amazing clarity. The images become sharper and are perfected in real time, to reveal additional details in the books and the architecture of the library.

Discover exciting 4K HDR entertainment
This TV offers you the excitement of movies and games in 4K HDR. Supports different HDR formats, including HDR10 and hybrid Log range.

Enjoy HDR games with PlayStation®
Sony 4K HDR TVs are the ideal companion for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro consoles. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and fun gaming experience with realistic textures and vibrant and intense colors. Watch how your favorite games come to life with incredible image quality.

Cable layout
Hide the cables in the bracket and hold them in place with the included cable tie. one

Access YouTube ™ with just one click
Quickly access YouTube and your favorite videos. Clip viewing is ultrafast on this Internet-ready TV with YouTube, which includes a YouTube button on the remote control for easy navigation.

Fine frame with aluminum look
The screen ends in a thin and stylized frame that maximizes the viewing area. Its aluminum effect makes this TV look elegant and refined.

Made to listen: ClearAudio +
Make your sound as realistic as the images. ClearAudio + perfects the TV sound for an immersive experience that seems to surround you. Listen to music, dialogs and surround effects with greater clarity and separation, regardless of what you are seeing.

Wireless front
Hide all the cables of the decoders or Blu-ray players in the exclusive support.

Motionflow ™ XR maintains sharpness of action
Thanks to Motionflow ™ XR, enjoy crisp and precise details, even in fast-moving sequences. This innovative technology creates and adds additional frames among the originals. Compare the key visual factors of the successive frames and calculate the fraction of a second of the action lost in the sequences. Some models also introduce a black frame to achieve a focused and truly cinematic look.

Clear Phase for fluid and balanced frequencies
BRAVIA ™ uses a powerful computer model to analyze and compensate for inaccuracies in the speaker response. This is done by "testing" the speaker frequency more accurately. This information is sent back to cancel any maximum or minimum in the speaker's natural response, which results in pure and natural audio with a smooth and uniform reproduction of all frequencies.

DSEE technology restores the detail of your digital music
Low resolution Internet videos, Catch-Up TV and other compressed audio files don't always sound so great. A large amount of information is wasted when digital audio is compressed. With Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) technology, lost frequency components (especially high frequencies) are restored to obtain a natural sound with a more spacious feel.

S-Force Front Surround Cinematic
Enjoy a surround sound field that takes you right to the center of the action. S-Force Front Surround mimics the way the brain relates sound sources to create realistic volume. For this, delay the time and spectrum of the sound wave, and use only the right and left channels of the speaker. The simulation of three-dimensional natural sound fields allows you to enjoy exceptional high fidelity sound in a wider listening area.

A smarter way to enjoy your smartphone
Gather everything you like best on your smartphone or USB drive and enjoy it with attractive details on the big screen of the TV. The Smart Plug & Play connection allows you to easily share videos, photos and music from various devices. two

The best wireless entertainment with integrated Wi-Fi®
Easily connect to your home network. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi®, you can connect and search for movies, enjoy video channels, such as YouTube ™, and access services such as on-demand television programs. And best of all, you can stream entertainment from the Internet and your home's wireless network without cable messes.

From smartphone to TV: enhanced web browsing with USB tethering
With the USB tethering, you can use your smartphone's mobile network to access the Internet and navigate on your TV.

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