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Tough-Grade, Stays Sharp, Ceramic. This culinary cutlery set includes our 6” Chef, 6" Serrated Bread, 5" Santoku and 3” Paring knives. These four ceramic knives are used very frequently for cutting and prepping.

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Stays Sharp Blade
Our ceramic cutlery maintains their ultra sharp performance up to 10x longer versus stainless steel knives*.

Rust-Free Guarantee
Our pure ceramic knives won’t rust or corrode from regular cleaning because they are free of metallic ions. They also won’t corrode food, oil and acids like traditional steel knives.

Dishwasher Fearless™
We love dishwashers. In fact, we encourage you to wash our ceramic cutlery in the dishwasher as often as you like. That’s because we always torture test our ceramic cutlery so you can rely on it for carefree, dishwasher-safe cleaning.

Weighted Handle
Properly weighted to feel like the stainless steel knives with the superior sharpness of a ceramic knife.

Precision Diamond Ground Edge
The cutting edge of each of our ceramic knives is thoughtfully designed from tip to heel, giving you a control during every step of your meal preparation.

Tough-Grade Black Ceramic
The advanced material and technology that goes into our ceramic blades makes them second only to diamond in hardness, and extremely wear resistant. Plus they're substantially lighter than stainless steel knives allowing for easy maneuverability no matter the cutting angle.

Sheath Shield
The hard plastic blade shields that come with our ceramic cutlery keep knife edges clean, and provide scratch-free convenient drawer storage. Plus they slip on and off in seconds, making instant blade protection hassle free.

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