1.4 Cu. Ft. Built-In Trash Compactor, Architect Series II

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Simplify your trash collecting and recycling efforts with this built-in trash compactor. Selecting the Solid Pack Control allows you to reduce trash volume by up to 80%. Not only will you use fewer bags, but with the odor management system, the trash compactor helps keep your kitchen odor free. The Architect Series design includes a fully integrated front panel.

Solid Pack™ Control
Reduces waste volume by allowing the compactor to condense the amount of garbage that would fill five trash bags into one bag.

5:1 Compaction Ratio
Reduces trash volume by up to 80%.

Whisper Quiet® Plus
Helps to maintain a quiet home environment while the compactor is running.

Additional Features

Odor Management System
To minimize unpleasant odors, this compactor features the combination of a fan and charcoal filter to help trap odors.

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