Recessed HDMI Wall Plate

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Recessed HDMI Wall Plate, with 1 HDMI F/F Adapter, 1 RJ45 Cat5e Coupler & 1 F Connector, Gold Plated
Professionally terminate your HDMI and Ethernet connections using this Recessed HDMI Wall Plate.

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This wall plate features a female-to-female HDMI coupler, allowing you to connect an HDMI cable inside the wall to one on the outside. It is capable of full High-Speed operation and supports all HDMI features. It is gold-plated to ensure smooth, corrosion-free connections every time.

The wall plate also includes a female-to-female Cat5e RJ45 coupler and a female-to-female Coaxial RF coupler, allowing you to connect Ethernet and Coaxial RF cables inside the wall to cables on the outside.


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Modelo MONO-12097
Marca Monoprice
Color Blanco