Wirepath™ 16-Gauge 4-Conductor 65-Strand Speaker Wire

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Wirepath™ 16-Gauge 4-Conductor 65-Strand Speaker Wire
Featuring the best box in the industry, this Wirepath™ Speaker Wire makes the job easier. Our tough box features reinforced handles, water-resistant coating, and a wide-mouth payout tube for easier wire access. Featuring easy-to-strip jackets and 16-gauge oxygen-free copper, this wire won’t let you down. Wirepath Bulk Wire – tough in all the right places.

It's All in the Box
From stronger, more durable handles, to a tangle window you'll never need, to a payout tube that lets you access your wire without breaking a pinky, this box is where it's at. As an added bonus, it's water resistant, tape-free and practically indestructible. A box this good is bound to put a smile on your face.

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Modelo NST-164-500-BLK
Marca SnapAV
Tipo de Accessorio Cables de Bocina