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  • Colors and details designed for you
  • Vivid, crisp color expression
  • Powerful image quality
  • Crystal Display screen
  • Crystal 4K processor
  • Unlimited 3-sided design
  • 4K resolution

Colors and details designed for you

Vivid, crisp color expression
Crystal Display screen
Immerse yourself in images with a wider color gamut. The Crystal Display ensures optimized color expression so you can see every detail.

Powerful image quality
Crystal 4K processor
This incredible image quality is made possible by a single chip that prepares color, optimizes a high contrast ratio, and dominates HDR content.

Focus on the picture, not the TV
Unlimited 3-sided design
A totally elegant design so you can see the purest images. Crafted with impeccable minimal style from every angle and boundless design that sets new standards. You will simply watch our most immersive movie experience of all time.

Feel the reality of 4K UHD resolution
4K resolution
4K UHD TV goes beyond FHD by having 4x the pixels so you can see the crisp and clear images you deserve. Now you can see them as if you were really on the scene.

Your new home office
Remote access
Do your home office work with your TV. Remote access allows you to mirror your computer screen to your TV wirelessly. You can even touch your work computer to access files or work on documents with Microsoft Office 365, all from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy the impressive details
The high dynamic range (HDR) feature boosts the bright expression of the TV so you can enjoy an immense spectrum of colors and visual details, even in the darkest scenes.

Play faster
Game Optimizer
Access games faster with Game Optimizer, which enhances your screen for more control with almost imperceptible input lag. Experience fluid gameplay at its most impressive, without making it look fuzzy or shaky.

Forget the mess
Solution to hide cables
Samsung UHD offers a neat solution for you to keep all the TV cables neat and hidden in the stand. So you can reduce clutter and fully enjoy the beautiful design of your TV.

Find lots of content with a remote control
Smart Hub and One Remote functions
All you need is a remote control to discover a large amount of varied content. Now you can control your cable box, game console, applications and even live TV.

Just tap to mirror your content to another device
Touch what you are seeing
It just takes one touch to stream movies or music from your smartphone to the TV. When you touch the television with your smartphone, the television will receive the action and mirror the content automatically. You can enjoy streaming your favorite content on your TV quickly and easily.

Works with AirPlay 2
AirPlay 2
Thanks to its built-in AirPlay 2, you can stream or share content from Apple devices on the big screen. You can effortlessly play videos, music, photos, and more from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac on your Samsung TV.