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Configure your screen with an interactive background that perfectly matches the decoration of your room.

You can set the TV to display information, such as date and time, in a beautiful background.

My album
You can set the TV to all your favorite photos from your mobile device. Create your own personal gallery.

Art lovers can also enjoy beautiful works by renowned artists and photographers, all grouped into a variety of themes.

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100% color volume
Everything is brighter thanks to the billion colors of color produced by quantum dot technology.

Quantum 4K processor
Intelligence improves performance by optimizing viewing status and content in real time.

Environment Mode
Say goodbye to that boring black screen and transform it into a meaningful canvas for your lifestyle.

QLED starts in reality
100% color volume with quantum dot technology
The colors are as real as they should be. With Samsung's exclusive quantum dot technology, QLED increases the volume of color by 100%, so you will enjoy realistic colors in dark or bright scenes.

Get a true HDR experience at all times
Quantum HDR 4X
Get ready to see objects in the dark and observe everything between the color shades. Quantum HDR 4X analyzes the scenes frame by frame and adjusts the lighting to express the unique brightness of each moment.

Enjoy larger images
Everything becomes very real on a larger screen. You will experience each goal, you will feel each explosion and you will find yourself right in the middle of the action. You have never been closer than this.

Win more games, get more control
Real Game Optimizer

Shorter game entry delay
Don't let a delay stop you! Thanks to FreeSync (VRR) technology, QLED reduces the entry delay in order to give you the real-time game speed you need to reach the top. Enjoy the speed of QLED and get ready to get some epic victories.

Game optimizer
To beat the competition, you need to have total control. The dynamic black equalizer gives you better visibility in the dark and uses detailed scene analysis to optimize image quality. It even improves the sound so you can live what happens in the game.

All thanks to an amazing processor
Quantum 4K processor
Experience the Quantum 4K processor from QLED. Use your own unique high-level algorithm to offer clearer images and, in turn, adjust the brightness of the screen and the sound to suit your room and the scene on the screen. The powerful QLED processor offers enhanced resolution and an incredible experience.

AI enhancement
AI enhancement makes the difference QLED uses an artificial intelligence (AI) learning machine to reduce image noise, restore lost details and even fine-tune the edges around objects and text. Now, you can enjoy your content with an almost 4K resolution.

Smart Mode
The conditions in your room may change, and the TV should adapt. QLED Smart mode adjusts brightness and volume according to conditions. You can even adjust the sound to match the content of the television; For example, you can soften a dialogue in news programs and highlight the voice of a singer in the concert that is heard in the background.

Minimum design, maximum impact
The design of the TV should not distract you from your programs. The minimalist design of the QLED has thin bezels so you can focus on the image and see what is really important.

No more black screens
Environment Mode
Even if the QLED is off, it never goes unnoticed. Thanks to the Ambience mode, the QLED can combine with the decoration of your home to achieve a perfectly natural effect. Instead of seeing a simple black screen, you will enjoy meaningful images that adapt to your lifestyle, with easy adjustments and many options.

QLED makes everything easy
Smart Hub and One Remote
QLED is even smarter with Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote. These functions put all the content you want at your fingertips, from the decoder to the game console, applications and live television. All you need is a remote control.

Get answers to your questions
Bixby on the TV
You can even talk to the QLED. Bixby is the assistant that adapts to your needs and goes beyond the control of the TV. Simply ask or ask for something and get it.

The QLED joins the new Apple TV application
Apple TV (check availability before using it and broadcast live after starting the service).
For the first time, you can now buy, rent and watch the newest movies. You can also subscribe to watch Apple TV channels on your QLED with the new Apple TV app. Simply click on the Apple TV application icon and start enjoying it.

Build a smart home with QLED
A truly intelligent home, personalized according to your lifestyle. With the built-in Samsung SmartThings, the QLED can connect you to IoT devices and sensors. So, you can turn on the lights, see what is in the refrigerator and even control the robot vacuum.

Connections without interruptions
It works with
QLED can be the center of a new and more comfortable connected lifestyle. It integrates perfectly with smart speakers and mobile devices, even if they are from other brands.

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