SAMSUNG Display 65" QLED Flat

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Q Color
Discover the new QLED TVs from Samsung capable of expressing 100% of the color volume. QLED TV reproduces more than a billion colors with any level of brightness thanks to the new metal alloy of the Quantum Dots. The wide range of colors of the Q7F series is incomparable, when you see it, you will not want to settle for less.

Q Contrast
With the new Q7F series, thanks to its new panel structure, it achieves superior contrast in both night and day scenes, regardless of ambient light. You will be hypnotized by the intensity of each scene regardless of the environment.

Q HDR 1500
QLED TVs generate peak brightness up to 1500 nits achieving exceptional image quality in HDR content, without losing detail, which enhances the contrast by being able to reproduce real blacks that will bring back to the darkest scenes the sharpness, regardless of the Light conditions of the room.

Q Angle of View
Thanks to the innovative metal alloy that covers the Quantum Dot, QLED manages to maintain the purity and intensity of the colors without taking into account where you are sitting. Each seat is a good seat with your new Q7F

Q Engine
A powerful processor for a perfect experience. The Q7F range of TVs has a processor even more powerful than its predecessors, analyzing all your content to always offer you the best available image quality.

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