Refrigerador Side by Side con Dispensador de Agua y Hielo (Inverter)

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Talleres Autorizado y Garantia

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  • Durability Guaranteed
  • Smooth Look without Hinge
  • Illuminates everything it refrigerates

Durability Guaranteed
Samsung guarantees the durability of its energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. Always active, it automatically adjusts its speed to meet cooling emand, ensuring a trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator.

Smooth Look without Hinge
Neat square frontal view with covered hinges provide a seamless appearance and create a neat kitchen environment with a polished look.

Illuminates everything it refrigerates.
RS5000 feature sophisticated, eco-friendly LED lighting inside as well as out. The LED not only illuminates the inside of the freezer so your favorite foods are easy to find, it helps you save energy.

Evenly cools every corner
The All-around Cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level, so it maintains a constant temperature and food stays fresher.

Más Información
Modelo RS25J5008SP/AP
Marca Samsung
Tipo De Refrigerador Side By Side
Tamaño De Refrigeradora 688 Liters