Enjoy well-defined images and easy-to-use Intelligent Functions

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This optimized Full-HD * model with ultra-vivid colors will allow you to enjoy clear and realistic images. It also incorporates intelligent interconnectivity and advanced functions to share content.

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Wireless Media
Easy connection without the need for complicated adjustments. The speakers can be placed in any way without the need to worry about the location of them. Great for listening to music or watching videos in high volume.

Ultraviolet color
Enjoy your Favorite TV shows in Ultraviolet color
Simply press the ultra Vivid button on the remote control to enjoy "Ultraviolet" colors in content such as football, drama and animations. For example, the grass appears more vivid with realistic shades of green and the uniforms look as if you were seeing them in their natural colors in a live game.

Internet Applications
Use a Variety of Applications on Your large Screen
TVs Compatible TVs can be connected to the internet to access a variety of applications, on-demand video services and games saved in the Cloud.

my Home Screen
The main screen Home my Screen allows you to program custom screens containing only links to your favorite applications and contents. Even better, each member of the family can program their own individual screen, to make each one get faster and easier to their favorite material.

Web navigator
Enjoy surfing the Web on a big screen with family and friends
Your family and friends will no longer have to gather around your computer if you want to share with them something you have found on the Internet. Web browsers of the latest Panasonic TVs support HTML5 pages, which means that you can surf the internet on the big screen of your TV very similar to how you do on your PC, making it easier for other people to see your content.

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Modelo TC-49DS600H
Marca Panasonic