Minisplit Inverter 2 Tons 24,000 BTU (Cold Only)

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Its Climazone function will create the perfect balance between temperature and humidity. Adjust the temperature automatically according to your age and the different phases of sleep with Perfect Sleep. Its 4D Xpert Airflow ventilation and Around You Technology will ensure the ideal temperature in your room.

Xpert Energy Saver Inverter
High efficiency Xpert Energy Saver Inverter compressor, which provides you with 70% * savings in energy consumption. When it reaches the ideal temperature, the equipment continues to operate at minimum power, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. According to the energy test NOM-026-ENER-2015 for the WA6267D model vs the energy test NOM-023-ENER-2010 for the WA4225Q model.

4D Xpert Airflow
Expert ventilation generates a perfect temperature. This unique design allows ambient air to enter from 3 different directions to achieve an outlet with greater flow and purity.

Perfect Sleep function
Automatically adjusts the temperature according to the user's age and the different sleep phases. You only have to select the profile by pressing the button a certain number of times: 1 time for babies, 2 for young people, 3 for adults and 4 for elderly people.

Select the humidity level you want in your room and the temperature will automatically adjust to create a balance between temperature and humidity.

Around You Technology
This technology ensures that the ideal temperature will always be around you and not the air conditioning, thanks to a sensor in the remote control. Comfort and well-being everywhere.

Más Información
Modelo WA5267Q
Marca Whirlpool
BTU de Aire Acondicionado 24,000 BTU