WattBox Rack Mount Power Strip with 8 Individual Switches

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Rack Mount Power Strip with 8 Individual Switches, Simple Control, Integrated Circuit Breaker, Mounting Flexibility
Rack Mount Power Strip with 8 Individual Switches Tired of crawling in the back of a cabinet or maneuvering through a rack of equipment just to reset a satellite box or other unresponsive device? This 8-outlet power distribution unit solves the problem - while saving you and your customer the hassle of a truck roll. It has eight manual switches on the front for simple control of all connected equipment, providing fast and easy access to everything in the system. Install this unit on the front of a rack or cabinet to make resetting equipment or putting it in vacation mode a breeze. Simple Control Instead of having to roll a truck each time a customer calls and says it isn’t working, simply direct them to this 8-outlet power distribution unit and have them flip a switch. It makes controlling devices much simpler. Integrated Circuit Breaker You never have to worry about overloading the unit and damaging the attached equipment. A built-in 15A circuit breaker will automatically disconnect it if overload or excess current draw occurs. Mounting Flexibility Mount it to the front of a rack, set it on a shelf, or position it directly inside a cabinet. With ears for mounting and removable feet for perfect rack placement, this 8-outlet power distribution unit is versatile enough to meet your application’s needs.
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Modelo WB-100-RSW-8
Marca SnapAV
Color Negro
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