13 L/min Gas Water Heater

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13 L/min Gas Water Heater
Brand: Whirlpool
Model: WKL71322Q
SKU: ITEM0008712

  • Instantaneous water heater
  • Give your family all the warmth of home
  • Zero Start Up Function
  • Auto power on / off
  • Anti-burn Thermostat
  • Gas Saver Function

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Zero Start Up Function
Instantly heats water as it flows through the inner pipe.

Gas Saver function
3 control knobs to regulate the temperature and save on gas consumption up to 80%.

100% security
With double security system to control that the water temperature levels are adequate and thus avoid burns on the skin. The exhaust gas safety system prevents the accumulation of gases by obstructing the exhaust duct.

Auto power on / off
Thanks to its electronic control technology, it is only necessary to open the hot water faucet to operate the heater


Technical data
Heating capacity: 12L / Min
Color: White
Temperature control: Yes
Ignition function: Automatic
Net weight: 10.1 Kg
Minimim water pressure): 0.02MPa
Anti-sebum insurance: Yes
Voltage: Requires 2 "D" batteries not included

Technical data
Type of Gas: Smoothie
Water flow control: Yes
Dimensions (AltoxAnchoxProf): 93.0 x 36.0 x 14.5
Warranty (months): 24
Water inlet pressure (MAX): 1.25MPa
Gas inlet pressure (MAX): 3500Pa
Threw: natural

Other features
(Recommended) 2 services
7 security devices
Burner Quantity Control
LED Temperature Display
Water Flow Stabilizer
Flame Shutoff Protection
Protection fails water supply
Gas accumulation protection
Water overpressure protection
Thermostat overheating
Automatic power off timer