Top Loading Washing Machine Xpert System 20 kg

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Save up to 60% of water certified by CONAGUA Ecological Grade. With the innovative Xpert System, with Expert Cycles White and Color, your garments will look perfect. Their cycles wash deeply, remove stains better and preserve colors to the maximum, so that everything is as perfect as you. Its 7 expert movements take care of your clothes and provide the best cleaning.

Additional characteristics

Xpert System
Its White and Color Expert Cycles, and the large number of movements of our exclusive agitators provide better stain removal, without hand washing.

3D Impeller
Provides 7 expert washing movements for maximum care of the garments.

With this system, the washing machine automatically detects the size of the load and adds the ideal amount of water, to provide a perfect cleaning to your garments.

Automatic soaking
Hard spots? Add extra soak time before the wash cycle begins to remove stains. Once finished, remember to bring the knob or button of the option to "NO", so in your next wash cycle will not activate the soak.

Use of Softener
If you are not going to use softener for your clothes, remember to bring the knob to the "NO" option, so you will save on water consumption during the wash cycle.

Certification Ecological Grade CONAGUA
Certification granted by the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to products, systems or processes that stand out in the saving and efficient use of water. It approves that our washing machines reduce between 30% and 40% of the liquid consumed normally.

Basket 100% Stainless Steel
It does not store odors, it does not discard and take maximum care of the garments.

Automatic detergent, softener and bleach dispenser
Automatic dispenser of detergent, softener and bleach to facilitate your day to day.

Más Información
Modelo WTW2011EI
Marca Whirlpool
Tipo de Lavadora Carga Superior
Tamaño de Lavadora 20 kilos
Tipo de Control de Lavadora Agitador, Impeller
Características de Lavadora Ciclos de Lavado