Whirlpool Superior Washing Machine 26Kg

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Washing machine with High Efficiency system - Dark Inox - 26 Kg

  • High Efficiency
  • Impeller agitator
  • Touch panel

High Efficiency
The washing machines with HE technology have a filling sensor that detects the load to use the water level and drying necessary for a perfect cleaning

Digital panel
Panel completely tactile, intuitive and of smooth surface, with memory that remembers the last cycle and used adjustments.

Impeller Stirrer
Provides better care to the garments with its 11 washing actions adapted to the needs of each load of clothes and provide maximum cleaning.

Más Información
Modelo WTW8500EC
Marca Whirlpool
Tipo de Lavadora Carga Superior
Tamaño de Lavadora 26 kilos
Tipo de Control de Lavadora Agitador, Impeller