Control4 ZigBee-to-IR Module

  • Running on USB power with two independent IR ports, the Control4 Z2iR Module is Sleek, Small, and Fast.
  • One Z2iR controls up to 4 IR enabled devices including: TVs, Projectors, Streaming Media Devices, Set-top Boxes and Window Coverings.
  • The Control4 Z2iR Module includes two IR Emitters, a 110-220VAC-to-USB Power Module, a two meter USB cable, and an adhesive strip to attach Z2iR Module to the target device.
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Can’t run a wire or forget to run one? No problem. Now you can easily add every TV, set-top box or other IR controlled device to any Control4 installation—without control wire hassles and risks—with the new Control4 Z2iR™. The Control4 Z2iR ZigBee-to-IR Module lets Control4 dealers add IR (infrared) control to any residential device with a Control4 driver—without ‘home running’ wires back to a Home Controller.

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Modelo ZCA-Z2IR10A-ZP
Marca Control4