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We wear many hats. Listed below are a few of the services we offer

Floor Plans

Spend a little time on the design process. This crucial step is often discarded and deemed unnecessary. Not only will this end up delaying your move in date, it will cost you more in the long run. Find out more about our lighting, network and home theater design services.

Network Design

Panama constructs with concrete and metal. Materials that don't really play well with WiFi. As we move into an era where everything is connected to the internet, consider your network your homes' backbone. Ask about our network design services. One unified network spread throughout your home that works. Period.

Home Theater Design

Immerse yourself in the movie. Cozy up in front of the screen and hear every detail the studio intended you to hear. Not sure if a home theater is for you? Schedule a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Distributed Audio And Video

Spotify, Pandora or a Tidal account? Network storage with music? Music on your phone? Friends music? CD player? Turn table? Yes, I said turn-table! We can distribute that source throughout every speaker in your house. If you need outdoor speakers, need to distribute audio throughout a commercial property or even distribute video across multiple screens, you should probably schedule a meeting with us.

Structured Cabling

Juggling multiple contractors is a nightmare on its own. We can install your conduit, pre-wire your speakers, access points, cameras, access control and intercom before the air-conditioner ducting guys limit cabling routes and the dry-wall guys closes everything up.

Installation & Programming

This is the fun part! Press play on your remote and automatically bring down your shades, dim the lights and set your thermostat to the perfect temperature. Its movie time! Or have a push notification sent to you when your child reaches home. Have your home respond by automatically bringing down the shades when it detects the heat of the sun cooking your furniture. The possibilities are endless. Schedule a meeting to find out more.

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