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Excellence and greater capacity of washing

American technology with more power of cleaning, more capacity and resistance and more savings. 

  • XL system
  • Porcelain Tina
  • 11 washing cycles
  • Xpert System

Featured Features

  • XL System
  • American technology with the following benefits:
  • + Cleaning Power
  • + Capacity & Resistance
  • + Savings
  • Tub and agitator movements for greater cleaning and care of garments.

Porcelain Tina
Unique with stainless steel tub with 3 Porcelain toppings. It does not keep odors, it does not chip, it does not stain, it does not store specks during washing.

11 washing cycles
The washing machine has 7 automatic cycles and 4 manual cycles.

Xpert System
Intelligent system, with expert cycles, so that your white clothes and color always look like new.

Other features 

  • 4 manual cycles
  • 7 automatic cycles
  • Simple Stirrer