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Xpert System
Expert agitator movements that remove the most difficult stains with its 3 Xpert Cycles: Colored Clothes, White Clothes and the new Intense cycle with Soak, without the need to prewash by hand.

Smart Load
Measure the size of the dry load when washing and thus select the correct size of load using only the necessary water.

100% stainless steel basket
It does not keep odors, it does not chip and it takes maximum care of the clothes.

Whirlpool 16kg Top Load Large Capacity Washer with White panel, features Xpert System washing system, the best washing system that removes the most difficult stains better than others *. Includes 10 year warranty. It has Smart Load: it allows you to know the size level of your dry clothes and thus be able to choose the correct size of load: CH, M or G, it also includes Manual Filling. With Single Action Shaker with 6 expert movements for greater cleaning and care. It has automatic softener and bleach deposits. With 11 cycles, (3 Xpert cycles: Color Clothes, White Clothes and the new Intense cycle with Soak), Bulky, Jeans, Express, Delicates, Soak, Just Wash, Drain and Squeeze. With cold water temperature. Includes Lid Lock, LED Cycle Stage Indicator Light and basket 100% Stainless Steel. * In its class, with the 5 most common stains based on the standard NMX procedure (initials for "Mexican Standard"). For household laundry washing machines, the NMX-J-528-ANCE-2001 standard specifies methods to measure washing efficiency.