• Modelo: DVG22K6500V/AP
  • SKU: ITEM0011442
  • Marca:SAMSUNG
Precio: $1,499.99

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  • Silent Drying
  • Powerful Steam with MultiSteam ™
  • Monitoring through your Smart Phone with Smart Control

You forgot something? No problem!
Did you forget a shirt? AddWash allows you to add forgotten garments quickly and easily once the wash cycle has started. You can also easily enter hand-washed items that you just want to rinse or spin. *

Silent washing at any time, anywhere
VRT Plus ™ technology reduces noise and vibration during washing. * Keeps the drum perfectly balanced, even at high spin speeds.

Keep your washing machine fresh, and even your board
For convenience, the SelfClean + technology keeps the drum, and also the board, clean without using cleaning agents, which saves money. In addition, it can notify you automatically after every 40 cycles.

Less smell, static, wrinkles and bacteria
Use the power of steam to make your clothes look good and smell better. The MultiSteam ™ function refreshes and sanitizes garments, reduces odors and static electricity and loosens wrinkles in clothes, so they need less ironing.

Energy efficiency certified by ENERGY STAR ®
Certified by ENERGY STAR ® to save money and conserve energy. It has been independently evaluated under strict specifications and has been proven to save energy without altering performance or functionality.

Take control at any time, anywhere
Washing clothes is much easier now! Smart Control * allows you to control ** and remotely monitor your washing with an App on your smartphone ***. You can start or pause it instantly and monitor the progress of the wash wherever you are.

Cleaner and safer vents
Vent Sensor continuously monitors the air duct to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. It also automatically notifies you when it's time to clean up or promptly tells you to check for possible obstructions.

Easy problem solving
Smart Care's fault monitoring allows easy problem solving by using an App on a smartphone *.