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Key Features

  • Play the Classic Mario Party Experience
  • Toad's Rec Room for Tabletop Mode
  • Over 80 Mini-Games to Play
  • Nintendo Switch Compatible

Play with friends and family in the original board game style with deep strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. In the original board game style, four players take turns to race across the board in search of Stars.

There are also added game modes and ways to play, with over 80 mini-games to play, some of which take full advantage of the Joy-Con controllers. In Toad's Rec Room, you can pair two Nintendo Switch systems together for Tabletop mode.


  • Enjoy the original Mario Party board game experience with added elements like character dice blocks, a party system, and more boards to explore
  • In Toad's Rec Room, you'll experience a play style that pairs up two Nintendo Switch consoles for a Tabletop mode
  • Go head-to-head in 80 added mini-games with many ways to play: fast and fun skill-based mini-games that use the Joy-Con controllers in all sorts of different ways