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  • Take destruction to new heights and bring the action of the Battlefield to life thanks to incredible Frostbite 2 technology, which delivers destructible environments, lifelike animation, high dynamic range audio and expansive settings
  • Complete suspenseful missions on the front lines of a global conflict, from the streets of Paris and New York to the desert sands of Tehran and beyond
  • Boot up for a courageous single-player campaign, or take on the enemy with a friend in co-op mode
  • Find your friends, socialize and track your stats with the all-new Battlelog system
  • Refines the signature rock/paper/scissors gameplay
  • Team up with fellow soldiers for a 24-player match where you'll go seamlessly from playing as frontline infantry to piloting Engineering EOD bots, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and jets
  • For 1 player locally, 2 to 24 players online (broadband connection required)


The ground shakes with rumbles from an explosion down the street. You hear disembodied shouts from your teammates. Bullets whiz by your helmet and explode on the wall behind you, sending chunks of concrete and rubble flying through the air. You're focused on your mission, but time seems to stop for a moment as you feel your weapon in your hand. Another bullet bursts against the wall, this time closer — and louder. That got your attention. There's no time for zoning out in the red zone. Meet back up with your team and make it off the Battlefield alive.

Featuring the powerful Frostbite 2 engine, Battlefield 3 utilizes every ounce of power to provide the most immersive shooter experience you've ever known. Get ready to hold your ground on the front lines of a global conflict, and keep your finger on the trigger as the missions take you from city streets in New York and Paris to the relentless desert sands of Tehran. Take on the enemy by yourself in single player, or team up with a friend for intense co-op missions. Featuring the all-new Battlelog system, you can easily find your friends, socialize and track your progress. When your skills are battle-tested, load up for a 24-player online multiplayer mode, where you'll strap on the boots of a frontline infantry soldier and pilot powerful battle machines like Engineering EOD bots, tanks, jets and more. Fall in, Soldier — you're about to head out to the Battlefield once again.