This standard-depth refrigerator provides a variety of features that help maximize your usable space while helping to keep food fresh with the FreshChill temperature management system. For further ingredient care, a humidity-controlled crisper helps create the proper storage environment for fruits and vegetables.

FreshChill™ Temperature Management System
Helps maintain temperatures and ensures proper air flow throughout the refrigerator and freezer.

FreshVue™ Door Bin
Gives you a crisper in the door, helping to lock in humidity to help keep items fresh as well as keeping them separate from other items in the refrigerator.

Flush Dispenser with Light-Touch Controls
Provides easy access to ice and water and enhances the refrigerator’s look and performance. Light-touch controls allow many refrigerator functions to be controlled from the dispenser.

Additional Features

AquaSense™ Base-Grille Filtration System - Filtered by PUR®
Helps reduce contaminants from tap water and is conveniently located on the base grille to maintain usable refrigerator space.

ClearVue™ LED Theater Lighting
Gradually increase to full intensity, similar to theater lighting, making it easy to find items inside the refrigerator and freezer, even the crisper.

Large Humidity-Controlled Crisper
Helps extend the life of your freshest ingredients by allowing you to control the amount of humidity that enters the drawer.

3 Adjustable Shelves and Bin
Make it easy to store and retrieve items, including deli items such as cheeses and meats.