• Modelo: LWF7551S
  • SKU: ITEM0009932
Precio: $499.99

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Gas stove of greater capacity and power with Ever Clean system. Color Stainless Steel.
New design and style, with which you can combine the rest of your kitchen. Big capacity oven so you can cook several recipes simultaneously.

A'Design Award Winner

  • Design and style
  • Higher Capacity, 5.1 Cu. Ft Furnace
  • Increased power in burners
  • Ever Clean Cleaning System

Ever Clean Technology
Ceramic Grade Porcelain which provides a smoother and smoother surface that naturally reduces the adherence of dirt, grime and dirt.

Large capacity oven
The oven is very spacious. Allows to bake different dishes at once in comfort.

4 burners
It offers you greater possibilities when it comes to cooking.