• Modelo: PD-5WS-DV-BL
  • SKU: ITEM0009891
  • Marca:LUTRON
Precio: $89.00

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switching LED, CFL, and ELV loads) Use Pico remotes for additional switches in multi-location applications For use with the Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge Pro Tested to withstand electrostatic discharge without damage or memory loss Tested to withstand surge voltages without damage or loss of operation Controls always operate locally and do not require system control.

The Lutron PD-5WS-DV-BL is an in-wall on/off switch from the Caséta Wireless line of control products. It's compatible with many different load types, including 600W incandescent and ELV loads, 600VA MLV loads, 5A LED/CFL lighting loads, and 3A general purpose fans. The Caséta line uses 434 MHz communications to operate.

This Lutron Caséta in-wall light switch features a fast installation that usually takes about 15 minutes. It comes in a black finish and mounts easily on the wall, perfect for retrofit applications. Once installed, it provides easy control over the lighting, fan, or other load in the room through its 2-button interface.

This dimmer uses the Clear Connect system to wirelessly connect to other Lutron Caséta Wireless products. This allows connected lighting to be controlled by the tiny Pico remote, which is sold separately. This remote can also be mounted on the wall and synchronized with this dimmer, allowing for multiple points of access in the room.