• Modelo: S1000-EW
  • SKU: ITEM0015084
  • Marca:BRONDELL
Precio: $659.99

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The Swash 1000 blends smart technology with luxurious features for a cleaner and more comfortable bathroom routine, every time you go.

Cleanliness counts when you’re looking to feel your best
The Swash 1000 is an electric bidet seat crafted to offer an advanced toilet experience and a clean that you control. Features include adjustable wash settings, customizable spray and pressure patterns, and endless warm water at the touch of a wireless remote control button.

  • Fully adjustable wash settings
  • Warm water wash, heated seat, and warm air dryer
  • Dual stainless steel spray nozzles
  • A sustainable solution for your bathroom
  • Designed for easy installation

Full Features

Designed for every body

  • Five adjustable nozzle positions
  • Multiple spray patterns for wide or concentrated cleaning
  • Aerated water cleans gently and efficiently
  • Adjustable water pressure

Features you’ll love

  • On-demand, endless warm water
  • Heated seat with eco-friendly mode
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable heat
  • Carbon deodorizer traps odors
  • Available as an elongated bidet toilet seat or round bidet toilet seat

Dual stainless steel nozzles

  • Rust-resistant nozzles offer targeted rear and front cleansing
  • Self-cleaning nozzle cycle runs before and after your wash
  • Nozzles retract while not in use

Sustainability in your bathroom

  • A sustainable alternative to toilet paper and flushable wipes
  • Dry with warm air - not toilet paper
  • Optional eco mode


  • Material ABS de alta calidad antibacterial
  • Doble boquillas para lavado frontal y trasero
  • Boquillas autolimpieza
  • Controles fáciles de usar
  • Presión de agua ajustable con perilla
  • Diseño ergonómico
  • Opera sin corriente eléctrica
  • Fácil de instalar
  • Kit básico de instalación completa

Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Presion de agua: 20-87 PSI
  • Temperatura de agua: Ambiente
  • Temperatura de Secador de aire: Ajustable (3 niveles)
  • Limite de peso del asiento: 330 lbs
  • Limite de peso de la tapa: 330 lbs
  • Modelo elongado (Color): S101-EW
  • Dimensiones: 20.3"(An) x 14.39"(L) x 2.55"(Al)
  • Peso neto: 4.6 lbs