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The versatile BX-FX dual-mode surround speaker adds the facility to switch dispersion for side or rear channel use, allowing the BX-FX to optimise five or seven channel systems. Utilising a single 140mm (5 1/2") C-CAM® bass/mid-range driver flanked by two 25mm (1") C-CAM® tweeters on angled baffles, the super-compact BX-FX is easy to position for amazing surround effects and is available in the BX range of finishes for a closer décor blend

* Acoustically matched with all other BX loudspeakers for excellent surround sound imaging and consistent timbre. * Switchable dual-mode design for direct or ambient sound. * New C-CAM® tweeter has greater sensitivity and a wider bandwidth beyond 30kHz. * New C-CAM® bass and mid-range drivers refined by FEA analysis. * Single bolt-through drivers. A design feature which means the driver is not fixed to the front baffle and cannot transmit vibrations and therefore colouration to the cabinet. * Improved cabinet rigidity and stability. * High-quality terminal panels blend easy access with high-end functionality. * Choice of four high quality vinyl wood finishes.