Hard water can be hard on your bidet. The Swash Bidet Filter offers protection against sediments, minerals, chlorine, and more. It’s compatible with most Swash bidet seats, with the exception of our Swash S101 and S102.

Keep the spray going strong with filtered water.
An inline filter keeps your bidet toilet seat working at its best, reducing the sediments, minerals, and particulates that can lead to damaging build-up and reduced water pressure over time. But filtration helps you, too. Activated charcoal removes chlorine from your bidet water, keeping you comfortably clean without irritation.

  • Extends the life of your bidet
  • Prevents calcification and build-up
  • Compatible with most Swash bidets; not compatible with Swash S101 and S102 bidet seats
  • Standard ½” connection
  • Six-month filter lifespan
  • Easy to replace

Full Features

Wash with filtered water

  • Granular carbon filtration reduces chlorine, sediments, minerals, and more
  • A filtered-water wash leads to less irritation

Extend the life of your bidet

  • Prevents calcification and build-up associated with hard water
  • Six-month filter lifespan

Compatible with most electronic bidet seats

  • Designed for use with all Swash bidets, excluding EcoSeat S101 and S102
  • May also be used with non-Swash bidet seats
  • Standard ½" connection
  • Simple, DIY installation
  • Easy filter replacement

Protection against sediments, minerals, chlorine, and more

  • An smart addition for every Swash electronic bidet. Our carbon filter reduces contaminants, particulates, and minerals from your incoming water supply, to keep your bidet seat working trouble-free.

Premium universal bidet filter

  • Made with up to 60% more filtration material than other bidet filters
  • Reduces heavy sediments, particulates, and chlorine
  • Prevents calcification and build-up
  • Extends the life of your bidet seat

Captures sediments and particulates

  • Contaminants found in tap water can build up over time and negatively affect the performance of your bidet. Our Swash Bidet Filter reduces sediments and particulates to keep your bidet spray going strong - saving you from costly repairs or premature replacement.

Reduces harsh chlorine

  • Our Swash Bidet filter uses granulated carbon to reduce contaminants, instead of the cloth-like material found in other bidet filters. As a result, our filter also reduces chlorine, which can dry and irritate sensitive skin.

Works with most bidets

  • Designed for use with any bidet seat using a ½” hose connection
  • Not compatible with Swash EcoSeat 101 or 102

Six month filter lifespan

  • Protect your bidet - change filter every 6 months.