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Double Louvered Trim Kit wich include top and side trim pieces, louvered grille, reversible kickplate and leveling system to fit 75" or 79" opening height.

Double louvered Trim Kit (TRIMKITEZ2)
Optional trim kit available in stainless steel for All Refrigerator, All Freezer or Side-by-Side Configuration. Includes hardware to secure side-by-dise units together. D: 75 1/2" or 79 1/8" E: 67 1/8".

Optional Trim Kit
Kit attaches directly to cabinetry through top trim piece or louvered grille to stabilize units. Refer to detailed kit installation instructions packed with kit or on web.

It includes 
Full-width ouvered top grille and vented, louvered toe kick, two 2-9/16" H leveling systems, side / top trim pieces and hardware to tie the units together.

“Built-In Look” Specifications
Minimum opening of 72" H x 33" W x 25-1/4" D required for singleunit “Built-In Look” installation; 66" W required for double-unit installation. (72" H to be measured from finished floor to underside of soffit or overhead cabinet).

Built-in installation
Remove all wall / floor molding prior to built-in installation.

Optional Trim Kit Specifications
If optional Double Louvered Trim Kit is to be used, different cutout dimensions are required. Kit can be adapted to fit either 75" or 79" opening height. (Refer to cutout dimensions on this page and detailed Louvered Trim Kit installation instructions included with kit or on web.)

Available for models FPUH19D7LF and FPRH19D7LF