• Modelo: YRL220ZB619KW
  • SKU: ITEM0005848
  • Marca:CONTROL4
Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información sobre esta marca. Control4 es una marca para un hogar personalizado y requiere la participación de uno de nuestros especialistas de Control4 para ayudar con la selección y programación del producto.


  • Lock the entire house with the touch of a button
  • Secure the home office and track who has been inside
  • Unlock the house remotely for relatives when they visit
  • Find out the kids got home from school on time
  • Schedule the access (time fencing)
  • Give the babysitter their own code to track when they come and go
  • Open the door with a code, key, or remotely from anywhere

This product has gone end of sale (EOS) by Yale. A replacement is anticipated late Q2 2019.

  • Yale Real Living's Push Button Zigbee Lever integrates seamlessly into the Control4 system.
  • Levers secure interior doors such as offices or storage closets while deadbolts secure exterior doors like the front door or back door
  • Program up to 250 codes
  • Fits on all standard doors
  • Installs in under 10 minutes with no hard wiring required
  • Protect the door with the fully gasketed installation (unique to Yale)
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries (INCLUDED!)